Deep MapTM

The map technology it pays to invest in

Deep MapTM technology:
a powerful partner for your location-specific digital business processes.

An intelligent map technology is essential for anyone who wants to make money from location-specific information. In combination with the right partner solutions, Deep MapTM technology offers clear benefits:

  • Flexible 3D maps of the interior and immediate surroundings of complex buildings
  • Versatile display options – for every application and situation
  • Maps that show what a site really looks like using real geo coordinates instead of schematic floor plans
  • Display, editing and analysis of your location-specific data

Why does it pay for your company to invest in our technology?

Deep MapTM

    • visualizes abstract information
    • optimizes processes and minimizes risks
    • enhances your information with a location-specific component

    • increases revenue and returns
    • enables you to improve existing KPIs and formulate new ones
    • facilitates new business cases and helps you analyze and evaluate them