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Deep MapTM technology as a key base component

Our partners want user-friendly, individually optimized solutions for their customers. That’s why they use our tried-and-tested Deep MapTM technology for information and services involving spatial processes. Deep MapTM also helps them meet the specific challenge of providing customers with a realistic visualization of outdoor and indoor spaces in large and complex sites.

Below are a few examples of how digital location services help our partners to add value, save resources, minimize risks and operate cost-effectively:


IBM is a leading global supplier of IT infrastructure, software and intelligent cloud platforms and services. IBM’s comprehensive portfolio supports the day-to-day IT requirements of numerous companies and organizations. Using Heidelberg Mobil technology, IBM provides complete solutions for insurance companies and banks, the retail trade, industry, service providers and public administration. In addition to a variety of IT, IoT and positioning and tracking solutions, one aspect that makes IBM stand out from the crowd are the cognitive business features based on Watson technologies.

Example implementation: Cognitive systems in conjunction with Deep MapTM technology >


As the largest global supplier of WLAN solutions, Cisco is working with Heidelberg Mobil to harness the benefits of both technologies in the field of CMX-based indoor positioning in a manner that delivers commercial success. Accuracies of about 1 meter were already achieved during live operation at CeBIT 2017, setting a new standard for simple and reliable indoor positioning and wayfinding.


Eventbase doesn’t just create stylish apps that wow users at conferences and festivals. The leading mobile technology platform also incorporates Deep MapTM technology in its solutions. Together with Heidelberg Mobil, Eventbase enables a wide range of location application scenarios for event organizers. All around the world, market leaders from the MICE and technology industries benefit from the joint know-how of these two companies which also supply cognitive and artificial intelligence solutions, user-friendly indoor and outdoor wayfinding systems and unique analysis options.


For more than 25 years, IMAS has supported shopping mall operators and retail chains with information and solutions that help to optimize their processes and returns. IMAS provides a one-stop solution not only for sensor hardware and analysis and visualization software, but also for professional consultancy services, extensive know-how, installation and customer-specific maintenance. The XPERIO platform uses Deep MapTM technology for spatial visualization and analysis and value-added location services – together, they enable complex indoor/outdoor applications that deliver critical KPIs.

XING Events

XING Events is the European market leader for ticketing, registration and entry management solutions. Heidelberg Mobil provides XING Events with targeted support for the development of mobile apps. Together with Eventbase, XING Events and Heidelberg Mobil are founder members of the EvenTech Alliance which offers its customers an integrated portfolio of event solutions.


As an implementation-focused engineering and consulting firm, MVI PROPLANT provides complete production and logistics services – from factory planning to the design and delivery of operating resources and the development of production-related software solutions. Location services implemented with the help of Deep MapTM technology enhance the value-added of MVI PROPLANT’s products and services by providing customers with optimized solutions that include location information.

EDAG / are experts in the digital transformation of the automobile. Their vision is Driving 4.0 – the ingenious interconnection of driver, vehicle and environment. For indoor orientation, makes targeted use of visualization and wayfinding functions enabled by Deep MapTM technology. and Heidelberg Mobil jointly develop individual solutions and use cases that provide customers and users with enduring everyday support and simplify their day-to-day processes.

Example implementation: Parking app and Deep MapTM take the stress out of finding the right parking space >


LANCOM is the leading German manufacturer of reliable and innovative network solutions, producing hardware that combines several different technologies. As well as WLAN technology, its latest generation access points also offer Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and electronic shelf labels (ePaper displays) – ideal for a wide range of location services using Deep MapTM technology. From positioning, wayfinding, tracking and tracing and spatial analysis to personalized displays, LANCOM’s and Heidelberg Mobil’s complementary technologies allow location solutions to be implemented anywhere.


Our long-term partners LNConsult help companies to react promptly to change and keep their logistics on target. Deep MapTM technology provides indoor orientation using real-time visualization. Sensors and devices generate huge volumes of extremely complex location data during logistics processes. Deep MapTM makes it easier to manage and understand this information by displaying it simply, clearly and interactively in the relevant spatial context.


Bechtle offers its customers everything IT from a single source through its local branches in 14 European countries and globally through IT alliance partners on all continents. The company covers a wide spectrum of services, from strategic consultancy to comprehensive after-sales service, and from individual projects to managed services for running customers’ entire IT operations.
Thanks to the deployment of Heidelberg Mobil’s Deep MapTM technology in the relevant projects, Bechtle can also be a market leader in indoor location services and provide both spatial orientation and wayfinding solutions.

HINTE Marketing- und Media-GmbH

HMM specializes in dealing with complexity and has developed products and solutions to facilitate and sustainably manage cross-media communication. Quarterback is a powerful tool for the resource-efficient organization and running of exhibitions and conferences. The spatial visualization enabled by Deep MapTM technology provides a simple and interactive overview of the complexity and huge data volumes associated with large sites and events.

Columbus Interactive

Online marketing agency Columbus Interactive develops bespoke concepts and digital products for online communication, helping customers to deliver their strategic CRM and brand management goals. It offers a variety of smart location service products based on Deep MapTM technology, providing users with interactive spatial guidance in scenarios involving huge quantities of contextual data and thus increasing customers’ brand impact.

Unic AG

Unic is passionate about creating digital experiences and first-class e-business solutions. It provides its customers with personal and comprehensive support in everything from strategic advice to concept development, design to implementation and operation to ongoing development. The deployment of Deep MapTM technology allows Unic to create a clear overview of the event venue with integrated event data for its customers. This provides the basis for additional location services that the customer can incorporate incrementally in order to grow their business.


intergalactic is an award-winning digital agency that provides major brands and projects around the globe with mobile apps, interactive screens, web development, application design and visualization services. intergalactic specializes in deep solutions involving multiple media. Deep MapTM technology provides a technical base component with the unique capability to visualize large and complex sites and enable simple and highly efficient interaction with all the event data.

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