CeBIT 2017: Heidelberg Mobil provides intelligent indoor navigation for smart everyday assistants

State-of-the-art map technology and artificial intelligence combined in one app: At CeBIT, Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH will be presenting two innovative showcases from the retail and customer consulting sectors which have the potential to revolutionize product searching. The experts in location-based services combine Deep MapTM with IBM Watson technology and the Cisco CMX server to guide customers directly to the products that exactly match their individual interests using indoor positioning and path calculation. The joint performance illustrates how complementary partner technologies can create future-oriented solutions.

Comprehensive knowledge also entails a spatial aspect in most cases. Where is something? Why is it there? What is the best way to get there? At CeBIT, Heidelberg Mobil, together with its cognitive IBM Watson technology and partner Cisco, will be demonstrating how location-based services can be integrated into business solutions to make room-specific information available quickly, allowing for convenient navigation in a foreign environment.

Supermarket app: Straight to the shower gel with Watson IoT and Deep MapTM

The first showcase will demonstrate a supermarket app that leads shoppers directly to the product they are looking for. The starting point for this is the shopping cart, which is identified by means of an RFID tag and is connected to the customer via a QR code. The goal is the product group on the shelf. If the customer selects a particular product group in the app, a connection is made to IBM Watson IoT via an interface, where the current location of the corresponding RFID tag is queried. The Deep MapTM technology then shows the customer their current position and the shortest path to the product. The indoor positioning is performed using RFID antennas which detect the distance to the RFID tag once a second and store it on the server. This determines the position of the shopping cart based on all the distances delivered by the antennas.

IBM Fairguide: Personal exhibition assistant with customer recommendations and route displays

In the second showcase, visitors can use a chatbot with the aid of the “IBM Fairguide” app and IBM Watson Workspace, which has a conversation with them to recommend the demo points that suit their individual interests. The Deep MapTM technology digitally maps the IBM booth and ensures convenient routing to the destination in this scenario, too. In contrast to the supermarket app, the technical infrastructure here is based on WLAN access points and a Cisco CMX server, for which the Deep MapTM technology provides a customized interface.