Outdoor/indoor navigation for a new digital parking experience

Parking app and Deep MapTM technology take the stress out of finding the right parking space

Spending ages searching for a parking space is a thing of the past – in today’s connected world, mobility can be simple and convenient. The trive.park parking garage app developed by guides car drivers through the parking garage to the most suitable available parking space without stress and in real time, directs them to their chosen destination once they have parked, and shows them the way back to their car when they are ready to leave. This smart outdoor/indoor navigation solution was realized using Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH’s Deep MapTM software development kit.

The mobile solution for end-to-end navigation in parking garages

Even before users start their journey, trive.park provides important information about the journey time and the best route to the parking garage. Once there, it selects a free parking space that is perfectly tailored to the driver’s and vehicle’s requirements – for example, close to the exit for mothers with children, wide enough for an SUV, or with a charging station for electric vehicles.

The technical implementation of this end-to-end navigation solution, which works for both car drivers and pedestrians, is based on clever interaction between the user’s smartphone and vehicle sensors. By combining different positioning technologies (radiolocation, motion sensors, compass and satellite navigation), users and their vehicles can now also be precisely located in parking garages and directed to their destination.

Target groups

Alexander Süssemilch, who is responsible for the development of trive.park, sees great potential for other markets in the unique mobility experience achieved through the collaboration between Heidelberg Mobil and “Our trive.park product components can also be used for VIP parking reservations.

This is a great opportunity for retailers looking to add real customer value, since trive.park’s end-to-end navigation doesn’t stop at the parking space – customers can even be directed all the way to the product they are looking for in the shop. This makes it an attractive way to support promotions.”