Smart Industry

Paving the way for your interconnected location-based data

With the help of detailed geospatial analyses you can capitalise on your interconnected location-based data. Our Deep Map™ technology computes and visualises exact patterns of movement of products, goods, people and equipment on the company grounds. Performance, potential and problems can be highlighted both in real time and retrospectively. This allows you to react promptly or optimise your processes.

Deep Map™ is not limited to process optimisation: using our indoor navigation, both employees and visitors can be guided quickly and safely through the company grounds.

How Deep Map™ can help you

  • A single Deep MapTM and a host of potential applications: from device management to plant safety
  • Seamless outdoor/indoor use cases for your Industry 4.0 projects
  • All the standard positioning technologies – RFID, UWB, BLE, WIFI
  • Integration and combination of various systems
  • Benefit from our partner ecosystem
  • Data sovereignty and security

Where Deep Map™ can be used in your company

Device management

Keep track of your mobile production resources. Avoid cost-intensive searches for materials. This way, nothing goes missing – even on large industrial sites.

  • Localise movable objects such as vehicles, tools and portable technical devices
  • Visualise their position on a digital map
  • Visualise additional information such as utilisation, condition or alerts
Werksnavigation mit Deep Map

On-site navigation

Optimised routes to cut down on time spent moving from A to B. Show visitors and staff how to get to where they need to be. Put an end to time wasted looking for locations on the company grounds and enjoy speedier repairs, meetings that start on time as well as improvements to work efficiency.

  • Seamless navigation between indoor and outdoor areas on your company grounds
  • Navigate external maintenance engineers to their place of deployment
  • Navigate your workforce and visitors
  • Localise your workforce and visitors on the site
  • Mark areas as off-limits or secured
Werksinterne Logistik mit Deep Map

In-plant logistics

Keep track of, analyse and optimise the flow of materials: increase the utilisation of your machines and improve your productivity.

  • Calculate and document movements between various work areas
  • Calculate and visualise the fastest route – including navigation
  • Track and visualise goods
Mitarbeitermanagement mit Deep Map

Workforce management

Show your employees how to get to the location of their next task. Minimise expensive downtimes and optimise deployment of precious human resources.

  • Employees can, where necessary, locate each other
  • Visualise tasks in the vicinity
  • Navigate employees to their next deployment location
Anlagenmanagement mit Deep Map

Plant management

Get detailed real-time input on your industrial site and production facilities. Is everything running smoothly? Are there any problems anywhere?

  • Monitor the condition of plant and equipment, devices and sensors
  • Position objects in their geospatial context
  • Rule-based colour coding – e.g. to indicate escalation levels
  • Visual differentiation of errors, warnings and notices
Unterstützen Sie Ihre Werkssicherheit mit Deep Map

Plant safety

Helping health and safety staff to keep abreast of what is going on: errors, warnings and notices are visualised on a digital map. This allows staff to react more quickly in case of emergency and to take appropriate measures.

  • Localise potential hazards
  • Navigate to the location of the hazard in the company grounds
  • Localise anyone who needs to be evacuated
  • Display messages from technical devices such as fire detectors, fire extinguishing equipment or plant safety systems