Orientation in urban spaces

For people, objects and processes in a wide spectrum of industries.

Location services for a wide spectrum of industries

Whatever your industry, Deep MapTM provides the underlying technology for IoT scenarios and intelligent, location-specific analysis. In combination with the right partner solutions, our intelligent map technology meets all your key spatial connectivity requirements.

We understand that every industry has its own specific needs. That’s why, together with the relevant partner systems, our Deep MapTM technology delivers a highly customized solution, whatever your industry may be.


Deep MapTM provides the underlying technology for our partners’ industry solutions

Events and exhibitions

  • Event-specific layout planning and wayfinding
  • Brand, corporate design and advertising formats displayed on the map
  • Customized interfaces for different industries

Smart Manufacturing

  • Real-time display of access/occupancy status
  • Personalized map display based on user rights
  • Connects to existing IoT, sensor and display solutions

Other industries where our partners can use Deep MapTM technology:

  • Industry and manufacturing  
  • Security   
  • Real estate
  • Mining  
  • Facility management
  • Insurance and finance