Event Solutions

The era of smart events has begun

Virtually all the information relating to an event has a spatial and temporal element: “Are there enough seats left?” “What’s the quickest way to get to the next exhibitor on my laundry list?” “How many visitors are still at the event?”

A Deep Map™ of your event location provides you with the answers you need at all times – quickly and with intuitive visuals.

The activities and movements of the customers on your premises provide you with information that is crucial for optimising the organisation of your event. Heat maps are used to highlight performance, potential and problems both in real time and retrospectively. This allows you to react promptly and create pertinent final reports.

How Deep Map™ can help you

  • Your event – the flexible design puts your brand on the map, both literally and figuratively
  • New advertising options – increased revenue through map-based marketing campaigns
  • One map and a variety of output media: app, mobile, web, digital signage
  • Extensive network of partners for event app providers
  • All the standard positioning technologies – RFID, UWB, BLE, WIFI
  • Spatial analytics for monitoring KPIs such as movement flow, movement patterns and duration of visits