Deep Map

Intelligent map technology and location-based services

Tired of being on the outside looking in?
Then it’s time for profound insights – with Deep MapTM

Traditional map technology can only show your company grounds from the outside.

With Deep Map™ you can now create additional detailed maps of the interior of your company premises, which in turn will allow you to develop your own innovative IoT solutions.


Why choose Deep MapTM

  • Superfast, state-of-the-art rendering engine
  • Styling, user interface and information display options can be tailored to meet your company’s individual needs
  • Interface open for all the standard positioning technologies (GPS, WLAN, Beacons, RFID, Cisco MS)
  • Integration of data from sensor systems
  • Full control over your data – you retain copyright

Deep Map SDK for your app

The smart map technology for your app.
The Deep MapTM SDK has a number of very useful APIs that allow you to integrate it into your iOS and Android apps.

Deep Map SDK for your web application

The smart map technology for your web solution.
The Deep MapTM has a broad range of APIs that allow you to integrate it into the technology.

Deep Map RTLS Hub

Seamless positioning and geofencing for all positioning technologies.
Multi-Vendor-Support for UWB, WIFI, BLE or RFID Runs in edge and cloud-environments.