Deep Map SDK

Functions that pay off every day

POI and information

Add additional information about selected properties (Points of Interest) on your map. This enables inclusion of helpful functions, such as spatial searching or intelligent filtering. Offer your users information about properties they can interact with on the map. Real location-based services with measurable added value for your business!

  • Labels for marking POIs with text
  • Icons as universally understandable graphical information (from your or our icon set)
  • Info-window (annotations), filled with variable text, images, icons or clickable links

Positioning – "The blue dot experience"*

A route cannot be reliably calculated without precise positioning. Have the blue dot move with you – use Deep MapTM with your existing infrastructure or combined with all common positioning solutions:

  • WLAN (indoor)
  • Beacons (indoor)
  • GPS (outdoor)
  • RFID (indoor/outdoor)
  • Cisco MSE (indoor/outdoor)
  • awiloc® (indoor/outdoor)
  • Unified georeferenced data through integration via Deep Map™ RTLS Hub

We will be happy to advise you on the positioning solution most suited to your needs.

Indoor/outdoor routing over several floors

The Deep MapTM routing function calculates and visualizes the optimal route from A to B:

  • Move seamlessly from inside to outside and vice versa
  • Over several Floors
  • Optional dynamic route descriptions (live navigation)
  • Optional text-based routes (turn by turn navigation, classic step by step Navigation)

Individual design, flexible styling

Your map, your style! The appearance and performance of the map can be customized and flexibly adapted during use:

  • Deep MapTM Style: flexible customization of colors, icons, zoom levels, etc. by the customer
  • Deep MapTM Rule: customizable styling rules change the appearance of the map during use, always tailored to the individual application
  • Display of 3D models on high-performance devices*

Intuitive interaction

Deep MapTM offers convenient, intuitive interaction with the map:

  • Infinitely variable 3D view*
  • Infinitely variable zoom
  • Rotation, panning
  • Adjustable camera settings and animations

Geo analyses

Customized contextual reporting and geo-analyses services:

  • Calculation of walking routes and movement patterns based on recorded positions
  • Displayed as point clouds and heat Maps
  • Aggregation of data from multiple entities (people, groups, jobs, vehicles, etc.)

Talk to us about your personal requirements!

*Due to technical limitations, this feature is only available within the native sdk.