Deep Map RTLS Hub

Unified georeferenced data through integration via Deep Map™ RTLS Hub

Deep Map™ RTLS Hub

There are many ways and technologies to locating things – indoors and outdoors, like UWB, RFID, BLE, WIFI, GPS or LTE.

The Deep Map™ RTLS Hub is the premier solution to integrate all different locating technologies in a vendor independed manner, to provide unified geo-referenced data.

With its unique features, the Deep Map™ RTLS Hub can serve as lightweight middleware to support all location-aware use-cases like:

  • Asset tracking
  • Human-centric navigation in and around buildings
  • Social distancing
  • AGV navigation and management
  • Job scheduling
  • Shop floor security
  • and many more…

Features and properties of the Deep Map™ RTLS Hub are:

  • Event-handling for locating, fencing and collision detection
  • Geo-Referencing of local position data
  • Real-time ready
  • 2D and 3D support
  • Runs on edge, hybrid or cloud setups
  • Lightweight API for an easy integration

The Deep Map™ RTLS Hub is omlox ready and serves as reference implementation for the omlox community.