Steering the future of the company

Introducing the management board

Focused on geo solutions for twenty years

With extensive experience in industry and research, our management team is ideally placed to steer the business in the right direction.

Dr. Carsten Günther

Dr. Carsten Günther has served as Managing Director of Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH since December 2012. He joined the company as its CTO in 2007 and managed both the operational side of the business and its strategic and technological direction. His work is currently focused on the continued development and launching of mobile location solutions.

Dr. Günther previously held various senior positions at IBM Germany. For many years, he coordinated IBM’s Europe-wide research and development activities in telephony-related voice technologies, with locations in Cairo, Rome, Seville, Hursley, Paris and Mannheim. From 2005 to 2007, Dr. Günther worked as a development manager at IBM in charge of Europe-wide voice technology research and development (including for embedded devices). He was also responsible for setting up the “Professional Voice Services” business.

Dr. Günther has headed the “Mobile IT and Satellite Navigation” workstream of the Baden-Württemberg technology and innovation network bwcon ( since being elected to the organization’s board of directors in 2011.
He is also the spokesman for the “Content for Connected Cars” working group of the Network of Automotive Excellence (NoAE).

Dr. Günther is the author of two books, numerous scientific publications (voice technology, mobile technology, location services) and patents, and has taught at the University of Heidelberg for many years.

Dr. Matthias Jöst

Dr. Matthias Jöst has served as Managing Director of Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH since 2012.

In addition to overseeing operational and strategic matters, he has special responsibility for research and development. Dr. Jöst has been with the company since it was founded. As an innovator and manager of the first mobile city portal in Germany, Dr. Jöst laid the foundations of today’s company.

After studying biology and geography and gaining his doctorate at Heidelberg University, Dr. Jöst held various positions at the European Media Laboratory. As an industry expert on mobile solutions, Dr. Jöst has spent more than 15 years working on a wide range of topics spanning everything from mobile navigation and location services to human-technology interaction and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Jöst is the author of numerous scientific publications on geoinformatics, mobile technology and location services, and regularly gives papers at national and international conferences. He has also worked as a lecturer for several years, holding seminars and supervising dissertations.

Even in his free time, navigation remains a key part of Dr. Jöst’s life. A former European Scout, he likes nothing better than to get out of the city and venture into the great outdoors with his map and compass. He also continues to be actively engaged in youth work. As a passionate cyclist, he enjoys getting on his road bike or mountain bike to explore new landscapes, sometimes even crossing the Alps in the summertime.