Who we are

and what defines us

Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH

To help people find their way around urban spaces – this has been our goal since 1998. Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH’s Deep MapTM technology enables seamless indoor and outdoor navigation of complex sites. A staff of sixty supports our customers and long-standing partners with the implementation of location-based solutions across a wide range of different industries. After all, in today’s dynamically connected world, seamless mobility and optimal orientation are hugely important to everyone, particularly in the context of the digital revolution. The event industry, with its complex space, time and infrastructure requirements, is just one example. 

Science and research are at the root of what we do and form an important part of our day-to-day work at Heidelberg University campus. Our engagement in research projects, networks and international academic exchange enables us to actively drive new developments in the fields of spatial analytics, location services and human-computer interaction.