Where we come from

and where we want to be


To us, Heidelberg is more than just the location of our company headquarters where we create software-based solutions and geo-based services for our customers. From our premises in the Mathematikon building, we work actively with other local companies to promote both Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region as a business location. Our office location in the heart of the Neuenheimer Feld campus ensures that we remain physically as well as spiritually close to the academic community in which our company has its origins.

As a spin-off company from a research institute and part of the Tschira Group, we continue to engage in scientific research projects and various networks to help shape the latest developments. We developed the “Heidelberg Mobil” mobile city portal for Heidelberg back in 2005, before the smartphone era. We were the only company besides Google to provide infrastructure, technology and content from a single source – thus delivering a comprehensive orientation solution.


“Mobile First” – the motto adopted by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt in 2010 has been with us for much longer. Since as long ago as 1998, we have been working on all the aspects that make mobile solutions interesting and successful, including navigation, artificial intelligence, intuitive operating concepts, augmented reality, interfaces and mobile software architectures.

Our extensive experience is reflected in solutions that deliver mobility and flexibility for our customers and partners by making data information of all kinds available anytime, anywhere.


From Heidelberg to the world. Our customers and partners are just as international as our team, which works to promote global mobility not only in Heidelberg, but also out of Vancouver, Minsk and Barcelona.